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Hello there!

Wanna know how this session happened? Austin, in these photos, has a very sweet mom that is Vice President for Coldwater of Lee’s Summit (a charity organization) and she asked if I would donate a session to their fundraising event! I was happy to do so…and her daughter-in-law, Anna, pictured below, bought the session!

Anna and Austin were married in August 2018. Austin recently landed a job in Texas. They have started their lives together in this cozy home so Anna wanted to cherish their memories with an in home session before their big move! It was so fun to get to know them and hear their love story!

Also, Austin’s mom Stacey is one of my mom’s closest friends! Now we need to plan a girl’s trip to Texas to visit these lovebirds! <3

P.S. Their cat’s name is “Cat” and I love it!

To learn more about Coldwater of Lee’s Summit please visit

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